Imagewiki: Visual Search Engine

The ImageWiki is a visual search tool for mobile devices. It allows for the freeform ability to turn images into physical hyperlinks. Using the ImageWiki a person takes a picture of something with their cameraphone and then adds a description for the image. For example, I take a photograph of graffiti at a bus stop, I add the name of the artist and where he/she is from, list where else you can find work by that artist. When other people perform a visual search using the ImageWiki tool they discover the description I added to the image. They can edit my description and add content and links to the image. This collaborative editing of the images meaning/value creates a dynamic, evolutionary process of understanding the direct affect of visual culture in situ with the images themselves. Through this we question the value/ownership of images, how images affect us. We have gathered a small team of software developers and image recognition experts to create an altruistic open database for image meta-data that we call the ImageWiki.

Imawik commercial from Karl Lind on Vimeo.