Real Time Broker

Real Time Broker

A Community-based Brokerage

A real time community driven bartering, selling and trading service that is geographically focused to match haves with needs automatically. Emphasis is on real time transactions.

>> Goals

To improve quality of life for people in local communities, provide a persistence of vision over the local landscape, superior proximity awareness and relevance, and ground truth and understanding of local neighborhoods.

>> Subscribers

Individuals on the move who need services but don’t have time to search for them and insead are looking for a new framework where businesses are bidding for customers. Businesses, organizations and individuals that want to broadcast their services and find customers. Law Enforcement, Civic and Social Outreach can use the application as well to promote services and policy.

>> Signaling

The application works by signals between parties. We allow people to signal that they have a service, product to sell. We all ow people to signal that they have a need that must be met. We create visibility for their signals to interested parties, like a brokerage.

>> Trust

We crowd-source trust and reputation for the users of the application by letting participants rate each other, and the businesses. We filter permissible contact by peers and trust networks. We offer guidance on how to obtain a person or organizations trust.

>> Digital Agents

Software agents are employed to automatically match haves with needs. This helps invert the search paradigm; reducing the burden of a user to constantly search for companies to meet their needs. Businesses can register their own agents to do outreach and find customers

>> Lightweight

A highly interactive conversational interface is employed rather than formfill out boxes. We can also aggregate from a user’s own blog/or website rather than requiring a login process to participate.

>> Usage

Join by creating an account with the service, we can import social networks from other services. Post about your wants or haves- Comment on other posts, and users, and rate transactions.


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November 21, 2010