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Lemonopoly is a real-world lemon-sharing game where you can trade real lemons from real local lemon trees. We are proud to launch Lemonopoly at the ZERO1 Biennial for the City of San Jose, and then shortly thereafter in other cities in the Bay Area — San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley to start.

At the ZERO1 Biennial, come visit our popup lemon orchard parklet, meet the park rangers, play new lemon games and be anointed as a savvy Lemonopolitan. The goal of Lemonopoly is to compete with neighborhoods and cities to become sustainable in lemons. Since lemons grow so well in the Bay Area, we should not have to buy lemons at the store.

When you play Lemonopoly, you become part of the New Lemonocracy. We are the ruling class of our local and public fruit trees, and bear long titles to prove it. We grace the pages of the Lemon Times and watch closely to see that our efforts with our neighbors and friends surpass the other cities in our region. We seek the most exquisite title — The Imperial City of Lemons. We are park rangers, lemonographers, humanitarian lemon-aid workers and lemon barons. We doctor sad and unproductive trees, glean fruits, and make reality videos about our hyper-artisanal local marmalades and other Lemoncraft.

Through lemon challenges, we rebuild our local lemon economy. Challenges are part of various realms such as Society, Distribution, Agriculture and Adventure. Challenges range from embarrassingly easy to quite difficult. You can tell lemon stories, play games with lemons, or place a lemon tree on the map.  With a bit more effort, you can take care of a lemon tree, help gleaning efforts, or share lemons with neighbors. Elite Lemonopolitians get a local lemon supply for their corner store, create popup lemon stands at a farmer’s market or host popup lemon orchard parklets to start a community lemon orchard. By playing the game, you will get to experience San Jose and the rest of the Bay Area in a new way, explore the fruit history which preceded the culture of technology, and develop a more vibrant connection with the Lemon. Lemonopoly is a slow game. It has seasonality. Its success is measured and visualized in lemons, trees, creativity, stories and interconnectedness.